Wowk Law is a Toronto law firm that provides parenting coordination services, as well as a full range of legal services with respect to family law issues, including custody, property, support, child protection, and any other legal issues involving children. The firm was founded by Donna Wowk, a family law attorney in Ontario, Canada with over 35 years of experience in family law, including extensive trial experience.

Wowk Law will negotiate an expeditious and amicable resolution of the legal issues arising from the breakdown of family relationships. In the event an amicable resolution is not a reasonable expectation, unresolved legal issues will be determined by way of litigation through a court proceeding or an alternative dispute resolution process. Wowk Law also offers unbundled services, such that you may retain Donna Wowk to assist with specific tasks in the case, rather than for the entire family law case.

The legal rights and entitlements of children are often disregarded in multiple contexts. Donna is a fierce advocate for children and youth.

The objectives of Donna’s services as a parenting coordinator are to improve communications between parents, decrease their need for legal interventions and, ultimately, decrease the stress and conflict for all involved, most importantly the children.

Wowk Law builds strong relationships with clients by striving to understand their needs, thinking and acting proactively, and implementing sound legal strategies that advance their objectives. Regardless of the services you require, you will receive honest advice and the information you need from Wowk Law to make the best decisions for you and your family.