family law


Wowk Law provides a full range of legal services with respect to all family law issues including custody, property, support, child protection, and legal issues involving children. This includes the negotiation of cohabitation and marriage contracts, as well as separation agreements.

The goal is to negotiate an expeditious and amicable resolution of the legal issues arising from the breakdown of your relationship with your spouse. To that end, Donna may recommend mediation of some or all issues.

In the event it becomes evident that an amicable resolution is not a reasonable expectation, the unresolved legal issues in your case will need to be determined by a court or through arbitration. Donna is a consummate litigator, skilled and effecive.

Wowk Law also offers Unbundled Services, meaning that you may retain Donna to assist you with specific tasks in your case, rather than for the entire family law case.

Regardless of the services you require, you will receive honest advice and the information you need to make the best decisions for you and your family.


Parenting Coordination is an alternative dispute resolution process. It is a voluntary process so both parents must agree to enter into a parenting coordination agreement. Once a parenting coordination agreement is executed, neither parent can unilaterally withdraw, except in limited circumstances.

The role of a parenting coordinator is to help parents implement their parenting plan and to resolve day-to-day conflicts. In the event no agreement is reached, the parenting coordinator will decide the issue.

There are numerous advantages to retaining a parenting coordinator rather than returning to court whenever there is a dispute in relation to the parenting plan. It is a more expeditious and cost effective process. Working with a parenting coordinator may also assist parents in learning how to better communicate with each other and resolve issues between themselves.

Parenting coordinators are required to screen parties before providing services to identify any power imbalances or domestic violence issues. This will ultimately determine the suitability of the parents for parenting coordination and/or any safeguards that may be required to address concerns identified during the screening process.

The cost of the services of a parenting coordinator are generally shared by the parties, unless otherwise agreed. The parenting coordinator is generally give the authority to re-apportion costs, where appropriate.